Voicing My Own Custom Characters – Final Fantasy XIV Lalafell (SlyKitsune Fandub)




[Short, stocky, and rotund, the Lalafell (ララフェル, "Raraferu") are the smallest of Eorzeas races. They maintain a youthful, childlike appearance, even in old age, making their true age difficult for other races to ascertain. Originally an agricultural people of the southern isles, they came to Eorzea following mercantile trade. Theyre welcoming of outsiders, and share prosperous relations with the other races. On the First, members of this race are called dwarves.]

Still alive, just transferring all my videos to YouTube alternative websites because this whole COPPA thing has me worried about the fandub community. The rules and regulations for the new law are so vague and convoluted that Im just going to wait til January to make my videos public again and use this one as a test to see if its considered "adult content" seeing as it can easily be viewed by anyone and is appropriate for everyone. So confused lol.


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